The gardens at Hiranandani Parks are a delight for the entire family!

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Whether you are taking your morning walk near your home or spending some time with family members in the greens, it is hard to deny that gardens have a certain universal appeal. Apart from adding an aesthetic element to the environment and health benefits, there is something about the presence of gardens in our lives that brighten our world.

At Hiranandani Parks, Chennai, 70 percent of the 360-acre township is dedicated to open green spaces with plenty of themed gardens and thousands of trees. These gardens at the township take the concept one step further by providing all the elements that support a single purpose. Accessories and ornamental items fit the theme too.

Here are a few unique gardens at Hiranandani Parks, Chennai, that promote physical and mental health by using plants and design elements to focus on a particular theme.

Brindavan Garden: One of the favourite hangouts for the residents, the garden has open spaces, lawns, flower beds, and ornamental plants along with well-manicured pathways that provide residents the perfect environment to take their morning and evening walk. What’s more, the garden is surrounded by 27 Nakshatra trees and plants.  The evergreen shrubs and trees represent peace and tranquility and serve as a serene space for quiet meditation.

Butterfly Garden: This garden adds the winged beauty of butterflies along with the loveliness of the flowers to the township. Apart from providing a thriving environment for butterflies, whose natural habitat is increasingly lost to development, the garden encourages the study of insects. Since butterflies need nectar all season long, the well-planned garden is guaranteed to bloom round the year. It is designed to receive plenty of sunshine, offers shelter from wind, a damp area, shrubs, trees, and all other elements that help butterflies to thrive.

Herb Garden: It is one of the most enchanting gardens at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, and features a wide range of well-known and exotic herbs. Filled with plants that heal and restore the body, the garden provides the right environment for herbs to grow easily. 

This herb garden offers residents the perfect opportunity to take in the sights and smell of herbs. The garden acts as a soothing space for aromatherapy, which can enhance health in many ways. Apart from being a stress reliever and mood enhancer, it can be successful in treating minor disorders.

Senior Citizen’s Garden: Physical activity, even in small ways, in the elderly can extend their lifespan and enhance the overall quality of life. The exclusive garden for senior citizens at Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, offers an ideal atmosphere for the elderly residents to get regular exercise. It also helps them to stimulate their mind. The bump-free walkways along with raised platforms to sit down and relax enable the senior residents to enjoy the outdoor life in a safe and secure way. The tall trees and plants offer shade to the elderly while bright lights keep the gardens illuminated during late hours.

Spice Garden: Nestled among the lush green township, the spice garden has a wide variety of tropical herbs and spices. As you enter the garden, the aroma of the spices welcomes you. The garden also has several medicinal plants. Spending some time in the garden will help the residents to know more about the spices that add flavour to food.

The Agatheeshwarar Temple Complex: A popular temple complex, not only with the township residents but also within the neighbourhood. It features a garden of religious significance and houses a wide variety of plants and trees. The well-maintained garden has a pond as well.

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