The positive impact of Landscaped Podiums at Hiranandani Parks

Playground and towers

Landscaped podiums are making a big impact in the design of modern residential developments. Conspicuous and attractive, they add style and pleasing aesthetics to the townships. At Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, the beautifully landscaped podiums which are designed with artistically crafted pergolas provide a wide range of lifestyle benefits that improve the quality of life of the residents. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, they offer the perfect relaxation spots for the residents and also double-up as recreational spaces to practice music, crafts, yoga, and more.

Envisioned to provide a unique opportunity for the residents to escape the busy work-life schedule, all the plantings surrounding the podiums are carefully selected to complement the environment during all months of the year so the space can be enjoyed in all seasons of the year.

Here are some benefits that the podiums at Hiranandani Parks, Chennai, offer to the residents.

Great relaxation spots. The landscaped podiums are the perfect place to take a rest after a brisk morning walk or jog. The pergolas along with the surrounding gardens offer the perfect environment to catch the breath after every round.

Ideal connecting space. In today’s virtual work-life, people rarely have time and space to deviate from a path of going to work and returning home.  The podiums offer residents a  place to meet the neighbhours and friends in person and create new bondings.

Perfect space to practice yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation need focus. The presence of nature and a perfect ambience at the landscaped podiums in Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam, helps residents to focus on meditation and stay enthusiastic while doing yoga.

Encourage social skills in children. Today’s kids do not have enough social interaction at the school as the recess at schools averages between 10 and 30 minutes a day. The landscaped podiums let them meet other kids outside their peer group and learn how to interact with each other.

Enjoy fun activities and events. The landscaped podiums in Hiranandani Parks, Chennai, offer a great place for the residents to celebrate their special occasions in style. Be it a birthday party or a graduation celebration, the location highlighted by the pergolas and the landscaped gardens offer a perfect backdrop to the celebrations.

Collaborative space. Be it an association meeting or a community get-together, the podiums offer the best place for residents to come together. From having a quiet chat with one other person to generating ideas as a community, the podiums offer great collaboration spaces for the residents.

Takes work outside. For residents who are working from home, the podiums offer a break from the work-home environment. From working with your laptops in the pergola to attending zoom meetings with the gardens as a backdrop, incorporating elements of nature into your workday can give the resident’s brain a boost, resulting in increased productivity, focus, and creativity.

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