The Transformation of Oragadam- a City Within a City


With the government implementing the ‘Housing for All’ Scheme under which it hopes to achieve a reduction in the number of homeless people by 2022, the Indian Real Estate market is always on an amelioration. In Oragadam, Developers across the country, like the Hiranandani Group, are looking to snatch the housing requirement and turn it into something special.


In any city, in any country, the farther a locality is from the center of the city, the lower will be the cost of housing. Affordability is the primary factor involved in the advantage of investing in Oragadam an area located just in the outskirts of Chennai. A couple of years ago, a lot of lands was available for construction in the now booming locality of Oragadam, and the Hiranandani Group have rightly made the decision to build their mega-township in the form of the beautiful Hiranandani Parks there. With excellent apartments available for sale or rent, and CMDA-approved plots at exceptionally low prices, this township truly is a city within a city.

Oragadam – Chennai’s Hottest Investment Destination

Why Should You Choose Oragadam?

Oragadam has been continuously highlighted as the city’s largest industrial belt. The Sriperumbudur-Oragadam stretch has seen a large industrial growth over the past few years. A lot of MNCs and Indian companies have set up shop here, a lot of the manufacturing factories, like automobile companies, tire manufacturers, et cetera. With amazing road and rail connectivity, there is an increasing amount of people shifting to this locality. The increasing amount of companies being established here and the growing workforce really has brought about a demand for housing.

Top Six Reasons to Invest in Oragadam


The Tamil Nadu State government has seen that there is potential for the region to develop and has decided to further develop this area. With a sight on fulfilling its Vision 2023 project which primarily focuses upon increasing the infrastructure development, the Tamil Nadu Road Infrastructure Development Corporation (TNRIDC), funded through the State Highways Department, has decided to invest rupees three-hundred crores into the Oragadam Industrial Corridor Road. The project is said to provide a further boost to the industrial activity in the Oragadam-Sriperumbudur road and improve connectivity considerably between the Grand Southern Trunk Road (GST Road) and the Grand Western Trunk Road (GWT Road).


With tremendous connectivity already, the presence of brilliant schools in the region is just an added boost. There are incredible accessibilities to schools like the Ryan International School, Chennai Public School Thirumazhisai, Maharishi Vidya Mandir, St. Joseph’s International School, et cetera make the living experience all the more comfortable for families to settle in. As for connectivity, with the highway being incredibly well-maintained, the Chennai International Airport is only an hour’s drive away. As more and more people move into the locality, it is only expected to improve even more.

Advantages Of Community Living

Housing Projects

Big players in the Indian Real Estate Industry have already established their grounds in this locality. With an ever-increasing workforce, a tremendous mixture of nationals and expats, builders have rightly realized that there is a growing need for housing facilities to suit each and everyone’s taste. The Hiranandani Group have established a mega-township in the region. With high returns on investments and low costs to do so, it makes a lot of sense to invest in this locality. If buying and living in apartments is not your forte, then you’ve got the option of buying plots which range from 600 to 5000 square feet at exceptionally low prices. The biggest selling point of this mega-township is the fact that there is access to brilliant amenities within the expansive Hiranandani Parks. From superb sports facilities like a 9-hole golf range, a huge cricket ground, and many other facilities, it makes it an incredible place to live in. Now Hiranandani parks provide plots for sale in Oragadam.

A Day in the Magnificent Hiranandani Parks- An Interview With Hiranandani Resident

Consumer Demands

With home-buyers today becoming more discerning before going ahead with their investments, their wish is for good social infrastructure including entertainment options are thrown about here and there. Another key concern for these consumers is that they need good transportation facilities. All these coupled with the fact that the cost of homes in this locality is less will be a major selling point. As a lot of people have already pointed out, Oragadam is a continuously growing area/locality, and in two or three years to come, it is expected to grow to great levels of occupancy.

Invest in Oragadam now, with the Hiranandani Parks. Its vibrancy and access to excellent amenities make it the to-be place in Chennai at the moment. There are excellent Oragadam plots available, from 600-5000 square feet at exceptionally low prices. It’s a city within a city.

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