New Homeowners in Oragadam – Six Augmented Reality Interior Applications You Can Use


After Apple announced its AR kit, Augmented Reality apps have been making inroads on the App Store. Seeing its popularity Google has also arrived at the party by announcing ARCore, its trademarked kit for AR applications for Android. Since then, there has been a rise in AR applications, and a lot of them specifically for interior design and home furniture! We know how difficult it would be to try and buy, living in your newly-purchased plot in Oragadam! Read on to find out six augmented reality applications that can help your interior design and home furniture endeavor!


Houzz is a great application for home design inspirations! Consisting of more than five million high-resolution images for the same, this application is great if you are looking for new ideas to implement in your homes! Also, a lot of specialist interior decorators are using this application to show to clients and ensure that the designs that they want, translate to what this application shows, and ultimately they would get a clearer idea of what they want and how it would look! You can use Houzz for building three-dimensional models on the application and seeing how it would look before finally buying their products! Barring its no-so-great user experience, you can still use this application for some great insights!

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DecorMatters is a startup which focuses on new ideas for interior decoration that has been tailored specifically for each and every person’s tastes and likings. This application uses the true power of Augmented Reality by enabling its users to visualize designs against a real-room background. How this application differs from Houzz is the fact that it allows users to try out different types of furniture from various brands and stores, whereas Houzz offers products to try out only from its line. Another added feature in this application is that your own custom designs can be sent out to actual interior decorators and be bought at a price. You can basically shop your look. Recently they have added a feature called the ‘AR Ruler’ (scale for Indians) where you can use it to figure out whether the furniture and designs you have implemented can be fit into your home perfectly or not. The biggest advantage associated with this application is that users can try out from a wide range of brands, the user experience is tremendous, and it is also brilliant for starting and implementing designs from scratch. However, since it does not have three-dimensional models, it becomes a tad difficult at times to implement the right designs!

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Homestyler is similar to the augmented reality applications we have seen before. However, unlike the ones covered previously, you cannot try out types of furniture from different brands. You can project a few stock images of real-size furniture and you also have the option of designing your own stuff and this makes it a bit more vibrant and more user-friendly to use. But, since you do not have the option to try out different brands, you will not be able to send your designs directly to actual interior designers, and hence there is no ‘design and buying’ concept going on here.


The Hutch application started off great when they had first launched it. However, they have gone down the path of providing continuous and irrelevant updates which have been far more detrimental to its usage than serving the standard purpose of being incremental. It is really hard to use their functionalities for arriving at a design to be used in your homes and you have no control over where the furniture can be positioned. You can upload your own images, but since their servers are really poor, you will need to wait for an hour before they are analyzed and you’re allowed to use them to visualize how they would appear if you do buy the furniture. The biggest advantage, however, is the fact that you have access to shadows, three-dimensional models, and in-app purchases which you can potentially buy and improve the overall experience.

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Neybers is more of a community-based game where you can vote or comment on the various designs that have been posted by people around you. As a pure game, you will be able to take up challenges that have been put out to you. The best aspect of this application is the fact that despite being a game, you will be able to work with real brands and hence figure out how they would appear when you do decide to buy them in the future. Whether you’re aiming to create a dream home for yourselves, discover and try out new products, this application will allow you to decorate from a vast range of products which are real brands and designed by real people!

IKEA Place

With the launch of IKEA stores in India, it is only a matter of time before it starts becoming as viral as it did when it was launched on YouTube a while back! The concept is simple and it surely is easy to use. It has a great user experience and the overall results are not that bad. The only drawback would be that you can only work with IKEA products and the range of products that are available is limited as well. However, with the high fidelity three-dimensional models that are available, it is only a matter of time before incremental and useful updates are provided which will make this application transcend beyond words!

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These are the AR applications you can use when you start designing your dream home. Although the concept is relatively new, and the market share for such apps being more prominent for video games, these applications are sure to grow and eventually dominate the AR arena!

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