Three value propositions that make Hiranandani Projects a big hit with homebuyers


The unique value proposition (UVP) of a real estate company is what makes it stand out as a successful brand. It distinguishes the company from the rest of the flock and showcases how the brand is different, better, and most able to offer the best service to the residents.

Location, connectivity, and amenities are the three value propositions that make Hiranandani projects not just a living place but a vibrant community that is driven by king-size lifestyle living, given the exquisite detailing done during the township planning process.

Location: One of the foremost parameters that define a good real estate project is its location. A home’s location determines the number of factors that can impact a family’s happiness, safety, comfort, and financial future. Investing in the wrong location can be a very expensive mistake. Apart from being a safe neighborhood, the location should provide access to quality social infrastructure, stay close to business areas and infrastructure developments.

At Hiranandani, the location for its projects is carefully chosen after a detailed study on the scope, infrastructure facilities, and the growth opportunities applicable to that place. “It is not just a coincidence, that whenever brand Hiranandani has created mixed-used integrated townships, the location has ended up being a winner; be it the stupendous success of Hiranandani Gardens at Powai, Mumbai, Hiranandani Estate in Thane and Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam, Chennai – or the projects in Ahmedabad and Panvel. It has always been ‘Brand Hiranandani’ being among the first to spot the potential of what at one point of time, were ‘far-flung new’ locations,” says, Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, CMD, Hiranandani Communities.

Connectivity: Industry experts say that better connectivity is an important driver of demand as far as real estate is concerned. The amount of time it takes to get to and from one’s workplace is an extremely important consideration. The mixed-use integrated townships by Hiranandani Communities that offer the best of residential and commercial spaces allow residents to reach and return from their workplaces faster, the amount of time they can spend with their families increases significantly.

The same paradigm applies to school-going children. All projects by Hiranandani Communities come with a top school that offers high-quality education. Accessibility to quality healthcare also plays a pivotal role. The presence of quality healthcare facilities at Hiranandani projects offers advanced health care to the residents. The centers have a wealth of medical expertise with the finest talents amongst doctors, nurses, technicians, and management professionals. The facility is also augmented with state-of-the-art facilities that facilitate speedier diagnosis and efficient monitoring.

Amenities: It plays a major role while choosing a property. Amenities not only enhance the desirability of a project but also contributes to the pleasure and enjoyment of the occupants. There is a strong connection between the quality of social infrastructure and the well-being of the new residents of any project.

Considering the fact that there are people of all age groups at any townships, adequate measures are taken by Hiranandani Communities to create facilities that meet all needs – kids play area and swimming pool to sporting and gym faculties to gardens for senior citizens and a lot of landscaped area, whereby people can enjoy these facilities. In fact, wide-open green spaces cover up to 60% of the project at Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam, Chennai. The project also boasts of multi-purpose halls, playgrounds, badminton, squash courts, and various indoor games as well, which bring out people’s sporting spirits or help to cement people’s sporting spirits.

All Hiranandani projects come with a fine range of amenities that gives the residents opportunities for cultural, leisure, community, sport, and other activities, so that each person can enjoy what they love.

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