Oragadam: Tailor-made for integrated townships!

Plots and township

Oragadam has always been a favorite destination for professionals, not just in Chennai. Employment opportunities, along with a decent lifestyle, are the key drivers that attract them to this nerve center of the industrial-business corridor.

But in the wider Indian context, is the urban infrastructure ready for the intake across cities? The answer is definitely no. There is a massive gap that exists in the residential density in rapidly expanding cities such as Chennai and the story is no better in any of the other Indian metros. If there is one remedy to this inescapable problem, it would have to be integrated townships.

Like many other cities, Chennai has seen an increase in the development of integrated township projects. With a change in consumer buying patterns, it would not be wrong therefore to state that integrated townships are the most potential solution to the problem of India’s metros bursting at the seams.

An integrated township is not just a set of fine buildings with great amenities but one that provides a holistic living environment. The best way to describe integrated townships would be to call them clusters of living spaces that are seamlessly integrated with first-class associated infrastructure such as office spaces, roads, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and recreation facilities, all in proximity. These townships are also equipped with water treatment plants, proper sewage, and drainage facilities. A fine example of an integrated township is Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam, a 360-acre project that is one of the largest of its kind in Tamil Nadu.

The perfect destination for integrated townships

Oragadam, now popularly tagged as the New Chennai has grown significantly in the last few years and will continue its growth trajectory in the future. This locality is also a preferred space for integrated townships. The reasons include:

Diversified economic base: Oragadam is anchored by automobile, hardware manufacturing, software services, and other industries. The presence of a vibrant economy creates ample job opportunities and leads to a need for a high-volume residential real estate segment.

Need for quality residential facilities: A significant number of the workforce who work in the MNCs and 22+ Fortune 500 companies consists of expats, mainly from Korea and Japan. They prefer to stay in ultra-modern developments that offer the best facilities like the ones that are available in their home countries.

Changing consumer profiles: Over the years, the lifestyle preferences of the local consumers have changed. Now, they look for a plethora of luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, landscaped gardens, clubs, 24-hour security, easy access to maintenance facilities, and more. The concept of walking to work is also finding favor among an increasing number of city dwellers and so is the demand for a healthy living environment.  

Thrust on infrastructure: Oragadam is ably supported by the growth of physical infrastructure. The government’s focus on infrastructure development is evident with major projects such as the Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor, Outer Ring Road Phase II, and other plans to improve connectivity and accessibility to various parts of the city. With improved connectivity, Oragadam’s development continues to pick up the pace. The focus at integrated townships like Hiranandani Parks, Oragadam is more on offering a healthy, safe, and luxurious lifestyle that matches global standards. People are now increasingly seeking quality time with family, much more than ever before.

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