Upcoming Amenities at the Hiranandani Parks


The Hiranandani Parks situated in Oragadam offers everything from superb Apartments to plots in Oragadam that are immensely considered to be value for money. The construction of this township really has brought upon a magnificent change in the way that gated communities are looked at in the wonderful city of Chennai.

The city of Chennai has got a lot going for it in recent times. Adding on to this is the fact that Oragadam is the home to many industrial manufacturing companies. Many big companies like Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Saint-Gobain, and et cetera, have been established here.

Hiranandani Tierra Premium Plots in Oragadam, Chennai

But the Hiranandani Parks is something unique. Located in Oragadam, it makes people open their eyes, literally! We can bet that you have not seen anything like the Hiranandani Parks, ever.

The Hiranandani Parks offers three types of housing facilities:

  1. Apartments
  2. Villas
  3. and Super-Premium Plots

When you buy this plot of land in Oragadam, beautiful landscaped parks that have been worked into in collaboration with only the top most architects in the world will be accessible to everybody who lives here. One will also get access to a healthy and active township that is highly rich on sporting facilities, both indoor and outdoor.

The Villa Plots are 45-Acres in Size, against the scenic backdrop of beautiful and huge towers that are a trademark of the Hiranandani Communities’ construction, and beautiful lush green landscapes.

Each and every owner will be granted access to all the amenities of this tremendous integrated township. This means that there will be access for everybody to twenty-four hour safety and security, access to the township Clubhouse, and also the Golf Course and Driving Range.

One of the primary things that people expect when they move in to any big township is quality, safety, surety and service. All of this has to be top quality. The best social and civic infrastructure is also of primary importance to these people.  The Hiranandani Parks provides all of this. It creates and fuses value by combining location, infrastructure, and amenities, and these are commonly considered to be the three biggest factors for successful development.

The Upcoming Amenities at the Hiranandani Parks

The Hiranandani Parks’ self-sustained and master planned communities offers everything that today’s modern families need. These are the upcoming world-class amenities at the gorgeous Hiranandani Parks.

  • World-Class School: A proper township needs proper schooling facilities, and what better way is there to achieve that than by building a proper international school that is maximum on facilities, and learning? The Hiranandani Parks is planning to build this and this is expected to being completed soon.
  • Shopping Options: It is a known fact that this township is located in Oragadam, and hence for a mega-township like this, the Hiranandani Parks needs to be well-equipped with excellent shopping facilities for people so that they can buy anything that they need at will.
  • Hospital: The Hiranandani Communities is already known for incorporating superb hospitals in all their properties. A multi-specialty hospital is going to be coming up at this place for each and every inhabitant of this township, as well as people from outside.
  • HDFC Bank and ATM: A bank branch of the HDFC and ATMs are also going to be put up at this mega-township. The Hiranandani Communities’ understands that people need access to money at any and all times, and hence it is of primary importance that banks and ATMs are incorporated across the township.

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