Seven Unusual Materials That Make Great Interiors


Many of us have gotten that feeling of everything starting to look the same in our homes! A lot of the furniture we buy these days is embezzled with modernity that just comes across as plain to simpletons like us. But the fact of the matter is that the more unusual a material is in your interior decor, the more personal it becomes and comes across!

Funky designs are not only used for the ‘fun’ factor that is involved in its implementation. They can help the owner become a lot more accustomed to the house and sort of becomes a signature of the inhabitants of the house.

Some materials that are unusual have been around for a long period of time, and have been used by people over the ages to acquire that unique look they were striving for. But with today’s production and manufacturing capabilities, it has become way easier to implement something like this in your interiors! Some of them are even simple materials which can be used to capture something complex.

Read on to find out seven types of unusual materials that can be used for your interior decor!

Woven Resin

The woven resin or the resin wicker is a type of synthetic material used to make great outdoor and indoor furniture. They are usually coupled along with an aluminum frame to make lightweight, but extremely durable furniture. They are known to exhibit the appearance of bamboo frames, and are excellent for usage in your decor! You can incorporate them to manufacture chairs, bed frames, baskets, et cetera and provide a classical, but clean look to your overall interiors.

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Gypsum Board

The gypsum board or plasterboard or drywall exhibits a sandy outlook to your interiors. This material consists of an inner core which contains gypsum which is encapsulated on both ends by lining papers. These boards can be used for soundproofing your interiors and the thicker the materials you use, the more sound that gets blocked out. Most plasterboards come with the options of tapered edges or squared edges. The former is usually suited for jointing or skimming, and the latter is ideally suited for textured finishes. Whichever type you use, these materials will help you bring a desertous look into your interiors.

Faux Leather

With the rise in the advent of technology, the usage of natural leathers has gone down considerably. With our production capabilities, it is now very easy to emulate the feeling of this natural leather, with leather-like items which are generally termed faux leathers. This material which emulates the feeling of rubbers is an excellent material that you can use in your interior decors. It has a warm feeling to it, and is highly durable. It does not fade, protects against ultraviolet rays (UV) and is scratch resistant. What you might not have known is that it can be used as padding on walls to exhibit a distinct look for your home!

Stainless Steel

Most staircase railings today are made of wood or any of its derivatives. The staircases themselves are made out of granites other durable material. A good alternative for this to obtain a smooth and continuous design would be to use stainless steel, all the way! Steel has amazing strength and a very beautiful look to it, and are used in many modern day products like phones, railings, cutlery, and et cetera. A woven staircase screen embedded with stainless steel and supported by ambient and beautiful lighting will definitely increase the aura of your home around night time!


A lot of houses make use of conventional walls. Conventional walls, while practical, are just plain and boring to look at! They’re one single color, and their simple design will get you worked up and bored in no time. While bricks are used for many walls, with cement and coated with a continuous color of paint, plain red bricks can be used for walls to get a neo-classical look for your interiors. Raw, naked bricks when used add a sort of funkiness for your overall interior design and also saves you the time to cement and paint them.

European-Style Laminates

Bathroom sinks are usually laminated in a straight fashion. The European style dictates that you curve them for a more appealing look! The Italians have always been masters of interior architecture, and with today’s advancements in technology and implementation, we have three-dimensional designs that go so well with your bathroom design!

Laminated Resins

Staircases generally have a blank space below the railings and are supported only with anchors that seem very plain. To avoid this you can get them supported by the usage of laminated resins! Laminated resins are purely brothers of plain glass, and come in a variety of designs. These resins add a bit more oomph to your overall interior design and are very pleasing to look at. Laminated resins filter out a lot of light and come with patterns to add a little zest whenever you are using your staircase!

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