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There are so many designs in the modern world today that it becomes so confusing when you decide to incorporate a particular style inside your home. A lot of people have different tastes, and this is where the confusion arises. There’s contemporary design, modern, vintage, Georgian, and et cetera.

There may exist a lot of designs, but one of the most timeless interior design styles is the Victorian Interior Design. The Victorian style of Interior Design is actually a blend of many styles, so it does have that appeal to cater to everybody, who may have different tastes. But, however appealing that this style of decoration is, it is an expensive pleasure, and hence will cost the person a lot of money to implement something like this.

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What is the Victorian Style of Interior Design?

The Victorian Style of interior design was named in honor of Queen Victoria, who reigned during the latter half of the nineteenth century. During this period, there was a lot of money to be made by the English, and people were naturally able to afford a lot of things, more so than they used to be able to. This led to the rise of a lot more interior decoration styles that was a lot more contemporary than that was available at the time. The Victorian style of interior decoration rose as a culmination of  the different places that the English travelled to, and in turn were able to come up with something that was really appealing, and at the same time, was conventional. What culminated from all of this, was a style that was invigorating, solid, and totally prosperous.

What’s so Special About the Victorian Style of Interior Design?

To start with, Victorian Interior Design is of very high quality. That is to say, if you really give it a go, and get it right, it’s going to look gorgeous. Another great quality about this interior methodology is the fact that it incorporates a lot of classical objects, and hence your interiors automatically become timeless. As it was mentioned before, the Victorian interior design style incorporates the interior styles of a lot of other modern techniques of interior design like Indian, Georgian, and Chinese, and hence you get a perfect blend of modern interiors, with some classical ones. However, two things are particular with this type of interior design. One being that every home with a Victorian Interior style has to incorporate a library in it, and a rich one at that. The presence of a rich library exudes a sense of quality and ends up looking magnificent. Another common factor associated with this is that each and every room has a different style of interiors incorporated in it. This is what makes the Victorian Style of Interior Design so special, and hence makes it totally unique and wonderful to implement.

Decorating With Respect to the Victorian Style of Interior Design

Decorating walls with the Victorian Style of Interior Design is what makes this style so perfect, and completely unique. This aspect of interior decoration is different from the other styles in the sense that you are supposed to use only fabrics or wallpapers to cover your walls up. No painting involved, whatsoever. You can take this to be an advantage because of the fact that you won’t be exposed to the harmful chemicals within the paints when a painting work is going on at your place. Wallpapers and fabrics add a sense of singularity, and classic feeling that you are overwhelmed whenever you look at them. The only disadvantage, if there ever was one, associated with this technique is the fact that some wallpapers and fabrics which are incorporated need to be maintained considerably. They cannot be left unattended, and unless you are going for a wallpaper or fabric which is of extremely high quality, (this will also cost you more), you are going to be put forth with a tremendous task.

However, they must have a lot of patterns. Patterns with images of birds, animals, and et cetera work very well. Ornaments, as are commonly used in a lot of contemporary interior designs are minimally used to give more oomph and emphasis to the interior design that has been incorporated everywhere else.

This classic style of interior design also emphasises a lot upon family portraits and paintings. This, in turn, really does imply that there is a lot of respect for family values. The special aspect associated with this is the fact that all portraits, paintings, and frescoes, are hung on specially constructed railings, and these railings are either painted darkly brown, or the lighter red colored alternative for it.

If you are able to pull these aspects out, then the major styles associated with this type of interior design are covered extensively and you would have set the base for implementing the same types of loans throughout the rest of the house.

You have learned how to implement the Victorian Style of interior design on walls. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog where we cover the same style of interior design, albeit for floorings! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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