Your weekend, your time: 4 ways the amenities at Hiranandani Parks help residents to shake the Sunday blues

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Sunday blues or Sunday scaries are feelings of anxiety that many experiences the day before heading back to work after the weekend. More than 80% of workers have experienced this anxiety in anticipation of the work week ahead, says a study. It is important to repulse these anticipatory feelings and preserve the quality of your Sunday afternoon. That’s why at Hiranandani Parks, the fine range of exciting amenities is designed to help people relax, rejuvenate and enjoy time with family and friends during the weekends.

In that spirit, here are a few ways the amenities at Hiranandani Parks help energize the residents’ Sunday.

Helps to plan the weekend. The amenities at Hiranandani Parks help the residents to plan ahead so that the residents spend their weekend time doing what they really need or want to do – whether that involves spending some quality with nature at the themed gardens, playing games at any of the 12 sporting amenities, having a fun time with family and friends at the clubhouse. Fulfilling a plan can help the residents to feel more in control, ward off procrastination, provide a sense of accomplishment and eliminate any sense of having wasted your weekend.

Incorporate activities you love. Spend part of the weekend doing something they can enjoy. The presence of many interesting amenities helps the residents to enjoy their weekends with the things that give them pleasure. It could be playing golf at the 9-hole golf course or simply practicing at the driving range. This also allows the residents to not get caught up in activities that they feel have to be done like social obligations, errands, chores, volunteer commitments, etc.

Maintain a cheerful environment. Instead of winding down the weekend in a corner, the amenities and features at Hiranandani Parks are designed to energize the residents and encourage them to come out and enjoy the environment. From trying out yoga at the yoga and meditation studio to hitting out at the golf greens or playing their favourite games with friends and family members at the sporting avenues, the residents are spoilt for choice. What’s more, there is never a dull moment at the 360-acre township.

Helps the residents to disconnect from their phones and computer. The amenities at Hiranandani Parks help the residents’ thoughts of work from encroaching on the weekend psyche by unplugging from their screens until Monday morning. It helps to protect their mental and emotional space from the stress of the working world and focus on self-care instead, which can help them avoid career burnout and begin each work week renewed and refreshed.

Sundays are a key part of every weekend, the amenities at Hiranandani Parks help the residents to not waste them by thinking about Mondays.

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