A big boost to road safety in Oragadam. Renault, Nissan Inaugurate Surveillance Camera Project


In a major move to bring safety in the Oragadam region, Renault Nissan has inaugurated a comprehensive surveillance camera project to improve road safety. 110 cameras will be installed around Oragadam as part of the project. Apart from the cameras, the initiative also involves setting up new signalling and other road infrastructure that will help to control traffic congestion, lower crime rates, and reduce traffic accidents.

Safe and secure Hiranandani Parks

With more than 50 companies and 12 villages along its route, the Oragadam corridor is used by a large number of workers and villagers. One residential development in the Oragadam region that stands high on safety and infrastructure is Hiranandani Parks. The 360-acre township has well-laid roads, stylish streetlights, 24 X 7 water connection, access to water treatment plant, electrical & telecom provisions, and more features. The tiered security features that include round-the-clock security personnel at the entrance and vantage points within the township and CCTV cameras at all public spaces within Hiranandani Parks help the residents to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Apart from the safety features, the one-of-a-kind integrated township offers the best-in-class social infrastructure for the new-age family. From professional-grade sports venues including a golf course and Equestrian facility, themed gardens, a hospital with a round-the-clock emergency wing and ambulance to a top school, temple, and more, the abundant features offer a luxury lifestyle to the residents.

Renault Nissan safety initiative

The initiative is part of Renault Nissan’s wider rural development program which includes waste reduction and recycling, water table management, and environmental and habitat protection.

The new project will warn people about accident-prone zones, organize traffic and control the overall crime and hazard rates. It will also improve safety through CCTV cameras to help monitor crime. The project includes setting up traffic signals at intersections, barricades to control traffic congestion, road light blinkers on the dividers, solar blinkers, and planting tree saplings along the sides of the road. The camera and road safety installation project is being conducted with the support of Sevalaya, a non-profit organization.

The Oragadam industrial corridor houses various manufacturing plants, and the movement of local villagers and constant transit of vehicles transporting heavy equipment makes it a zone that must prioritize safety.

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