Hiranandani Parks is designed to prevent obesity in children. Find out how.

Hiranandani parks is designed to prevent obesity in children. Find out how?

Childhood obesity is becoming more common, a recent study found. Around 16.2% of children who did not have weight issues when they entered kindergarten were obese by the end of fifth grade, per various newspaper articles. Research shows that overweight children are more likely to become overweight adults.

Obesity is a major underlying risk factor for many illnesses, according to medical experts. Low levels of physical activity and exercise are the main reasons. That’s why at Hiranandani Parks, the amenities are designed to bring children out of their homes and remain active. Here are some features.

Exclusive play area for the children

Medical experts recommend at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day for children and the children’s play area at Hiranandani Parks is the perfect place to get this done. The play area has slides, swings, climbers, and more that form a vital aspect of healthy development, providing a place for children to get a full-body workout, including exercises that strengthen their arms, legs, and so on. From the cardiovascular system to the circulatory system, each is nurtured and benefits through vigorous play.

Outdoor playgrounds

From a test match Ranji grade cricket ground and football field to international standard hockey ground and tennis, basketball & volleyball courts, the extra space and new experiences outside encourage children to be more active. The increased activity also burns off energy and helps keep their weight healthy.

Spend quality time in the gardens

Children who spend time in the garden are more likely to report general good health, says a report. The benefits applied whether they spent their time gardening or simply relaxing. At Hiranandani Parks, the Brindavan garden, butterfly garden, Herb and spices garden, longwings garden, willows garden, woodland garden and the religious-themed garden next to the Agatheeshwarar Temple Complex offer children plenty of options to enjoy physical activity levels.

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